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Here at Hoag we take precautions as the first line of defense. That’s why we are preparing our community by offering complimentary flu vaccinations.

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Two Flu Vaccine Options

What you need to know.

1 Quadrivalent Flu Shot
  • Recommended for most adults in good health.
  • Complimentary for adults age 18+
2 FLUZONE HD Quadrivalent Flu Shot
  • Recommended for adults age 65+ that want stronger protection against the flu.
  • Complimentary for adults age 65+


The FLUZONE HD Quadrivalent Flu Shot is a standard-dose, inactivated influenza vaccine formulated to create a stronger immune response.

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Be Better, Feel Better.

  • Free Flu Shots – Provided by Hoag Faith Community Nurses & Community Benefit
  • Free Blood Pressure screenings by Hoag Medical Group
  • Learn about Hoag Compass and other innovative digital products at Hoag
  • Nutrition challenges and prizes provided by the Hoag Lifestyle Program team
  • Free tote bag while supplies last

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